Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of The Goldmine Alliance?

The Goldmine Alliance is a donor-managed collective with the sole purpose of supporting UNC Charlotte 49er student-athletes in matching and administering name-image-likeness (NIL) opportunities between the Charlotte student-athlete and the business and philanthropic communities interested in NIL sponsorship

Is The Goldmine Alliance a non-profit organization?

The Goldmine Alliance is NOT a non-profit organization, and contributions to The Goldmine Alliance are NOT eligible for charitable tax deductions, but may be eligible for tax deductibility as a business expense depending on consultation with your tax counsel

How do I get involved?

As a supporter/contributor/sponsor, fill out the short form on www.goldmine-alliance.com and support staff of the founder of the Alliance will reach out to coordinate sport/athlete of interest with your sponsorship opportunity.

How does the process work?

After interacting with support staff of The Goldmine Alliance, supporters can specify the proposed sport/athlete and dollar amount and payment cadence along with the sponsorship opportunity they are presenting. The Goldmine Alliance support staff will then propose that transaction to the relevant student-athlete(s) through the Inflcr exchange platform approved by the compliance office of UNC Charlotte.
Once that transaction is accepted by the student-athlete and approved by the compliance office of UNC Charlotte, then: 1) The Goldmine Alliance will take payment from the supporter, then 2) the sponsorship activity will be completed and the payment will be made by The Goldmine Alliance to the student-athlete

What if I do not have a specific sponsorship opportunity or specific athlete in mind?

It is very common for supporters to not have a specific transaction in mind. The Goldmine Alliance will take both specific or broad guidance from supporters.
If the supporter does not have a specific endorsement proposal in mind, The Goldmine Alliance will use its network of primarily Charlotte-based philanthropic and commercial opportunities to propose valuable opportunities for the student-athlete to endorse/fulfill in exchange for monetary consideration.
For example, while The Goldmine Alliance is not a non-profit organization, we have relationships with several Charlotte-based philanthropic organizations whereby the student-athlete can complete valuable tasks for the philanthropic (or commercial) organization in exchange for monetary consideration.

Does The Goldmine Alliance charge a fee or otherwise retain any portion of payments it receives on behalf of student-athletes?

No. The Goldmine Alliance does not currently charge a fee or otherwise retain any portion of payments it receives on behalf of student-athletes, and operational fulfillment is done by the existing support staff of the founder of the Alliance. If operational complexity of The Goldmine Alliance increases, at-cost administrative expenses may be deducted in the future but existing and prospective supporters will be previously notified of that change.


Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch with us through our email service.